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The Path Towards Homeownership

The HERO Alliance understands that purchasing a home can be complex, frustrating, and overwhelming, and even more so for a person with a disability. HERO believes that with additional education and resources, this process can be made easier. If you are interested in owning your own home, use this general guide to help you determine if you are ready for homeownership. At times you may have to turn off the path to address one issue or another, but you can always return when you are ready to move to the next step. Remember that the process can take a while, but the path is always there for you to complete.

Do I have my basic needs met?
· Food, Shelter, Medical care
· Supports for daily living

Am I ready for homeownerhsip?
· Do I want to live in one place for many years?
· Do I have experience living independently?
· Do I understand the cost and maintenance requirements of owning a home?

Do I have the knowledge I need?
· Have I attended a home-buyer education class?
· Do I recognize that buying a home can take months or even years?

Can I qualify for a loan?
· Can I document the amount & source of my income as well as my assets and debt?
· Do I have good credit?
· Do I have money in savings or other resources for downpayment?
· Do I receive Section 8 assistance?

Am I ready for a loan?
· Have I explored all programs and options?
· Have I been pre-qualified with a participating lender?

Which home is right for me?
· Do I know what I need in a home?
· Do I know how to find the right home?
· Is building a home right for me?

I am ready for Homeownership!

The Future: Am I planning for long-term success?
· Do I know whom to call when problems arise?
· Do I have long-term supports?
· Will I have the benefit of a special needs trust some day or have I worked out other ways to meet unexpected expenses?
· Do I have a will that outlines what I want done with my assets?

For a full copy of the Path Towards Homeownership or for more information on homeownership for persons with disabilities, contact the HERO Alliance.